Avionics maintenance has always been inclusive of both bench repairs of the avionics as well as troubleshooting the aircraft to repair any wiring or interfaced equipment failures. The experience Tulsa Avionics brings to the industry covers a wide range of aircraft types such as the Cessna single and multi-engine, Beechcraft Bonanza and King Air, Cessna Citation and Learjet are some we have experience on. While today Tulsa Avionics concentrates on the bench repair aspect of the business mostly we can troubleshoot and/or assist the customer in troubleshooting the aircraft.

The avionics of today which include a wide variety of Multi-Function Displays (MFD) and Primary Flight Displays (PFD) and supported integrated display systems the customer should realize that troubleshooting has become more complex. Current systems may require computer interfaces via a laptop with specific OEM software to assist in the maintenance or troubleshooting of these systems. While the customer may be able to swap out some equipment the problem solving required may be more complex then that. Tulsa Avionics Services is here to help provide that additional service.