Tulsa Avionics Services does specialize in the repair of aircraft avionics and their associated equipment. We specialize in the repair of this equipment down to the component level in many cases and thus provide our customer with an economical solution to their failed equipment. Our in house bench repair capabilities are wide ranging and include radio types of the following: DME, Transponder, Nav/Comm, Radar Altimeter, Audio Panel, Weather Radar, GPS. Marker Beacon Receivers, RMI, OBS and Audio Amps. The repair of some legacy equipment has become more difficult with the limited supply of parts but in most cases a solution can be found. The Test equipment required to perform bench checks and repairs is one of the more expensive investments a shop will ever make and as such there is always a minimum charge to do any bench testing of your avionics but Tulsa Avionics has found it is no more expensive then calling your local plumber or electrician to setup a house call.

Our Avionics Repairs are covered with a limited warranty policy as we stand behind our repairs and must provide our customer with a solution that is affordable and one that keeps our customer base coming back.