Tulsa Avionics Services, Inc. is a FAA certified repair station with the designator U5WR019B with limited ratings in the Radio, Accessories and Instrument classifications. The FAA in its role of insuring safety is the agency that regulates and monitors the designated repair stations throughout the United States. The FAA repair station is a business that must establish certain guidelines that are acceptable to the FAA and follow the rules established for Part 145 Repair Stations. The guidelines basically tell the FAA how you will run your operation. Once the guidelines are accepted by the FAA then this Repair Station Manual (RSM) is signed off on by the FAA and the agency will issue a Repair Station Certificate that allows said business to repair the aviation equipment on their capabilities list and return it to airworthiness status so that it can be re-installed in the aircraft for flight. Similar to a big brother the FAA will monitor and inspect these repair stations on a yearly basis to insure the guidelines are maintained and proper training of its employees is being done.